Fill out your timesheets!

Never miss a billable hour.

You’re an individual or have a team that fills out timesheets. Filling them at weeks end is a hit or miss proposition. You deserve to be paid for all the time you work and your clients deserve to be accurately billed.


Provides periodic reminders to fill out your timesheets, the reminder includes a simple interface for recording your hours on the spot.

Morever, the app learns about you and where, when, and for who you work. Over time it will evolve to serve you better.

We've started with harvest, but will be bringing more timsheet packages on line soon. Let us know which ones you would like. Sign up and get free access to all our apps.

What's the big idea here?

  • Our tech is supposed to make us more productive, more free. Yet everywhere, everyone seems endlessly shackled to their screens.
  • Software that learns about how we interact with the world and other software and that cues us to take concrete actions may be one path towards a more emancipatory relation to technology.